Thursday, October 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes: S&B Office

Step into our Bethesda, Maryland headquarters and you will likely be greeted by Austin Branson’s Goldendoodle or hear the sounds of Coldplay streaming across the office sound system.  A typical day in the S&B office is never typical.   Our casual setting is home to seventeen employees. The average age is 25 years old including many recent graduates who hail from Georgetown, Bowdoin, Colby, Michigan, and UVA to name a few.   You might find Tim, one of our in-house graphic designers, using his fashion forward sense to create hip designs for the likes of Club Monaco.  While Chris, Director of Wholesale, might be delighting the group with his freestyle rapping talents in between sales calls.  It’s not unusual to spot one of our interns dancing while packing boxes, finding a way to make even the most mundane tasks fun.  Co-founder Peter Carter is a known prankster often recruiting other employees to participate in his trickery around the office.  Despite our age, we strive to offer quality products that are timeless and to ensure that our customers are satisfied not only with their purchase, but also their experience.  Here’s a glimpse into the world behind the brand.

Peter (Lloyd) and Austin (Harry), Halloween 2011

Annual Office outing at a Washington Nationals Game

Moose, Austin Branson’s Goldendoodle and official S&B mascot

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