Friday, February 19, 2010

Smathers and Branson: Business Casual

Smathers and Branson needlepoint belts are reminiscent of summer days at Murray’s on Nantucket, or winter getaways at C. Orrico in Palm Beach, but our needlepoint belts are now being worn in more places than ever! As suits in the workplace become rare, the culture of business casual is leaving many Smathers and Branson customers with one critical question: can I wear my needlepoint belt in the office? This question, which we field from store buyers and individual customers alike, is surprisingly difficult to answer; but these four guidelines can help set some ground rules.

1) Stick with the Classics: Surcingles, Basketweave, Herringbone
When wearing a Smathers and Branson needlepoint belt in the office, any employee should hope to hear “that’s handsome” instead of “oh my!” To assure this reaction, stick to our timeless patterns like the Basketweave needlepoint belt, Herringbone needlepoint belt, and the Surcingle needlepoint belt collection. Depending on the area of the country and your specific profession you can probably get away with the Jolly Roger, Bonefish, and American Flag needlepoint belts, but be careful in the ever evolving world of business casual.

2) Get Personal: Fishing Flies, Golf Flags, Bluefish and Striper
Smathers and Branson needlepoint belts are designed to remind you of the things you love most (which typically does not involve the office). With that in mind, don’t be afraid to let your co-workers know that you would rather be on the Front Nine or fishing for Bluefish and Striper than being called in on a weekend.

3) No Booze: Beer Cans, 99 Bottles of Beer, Elephant Martini, and Shrimp Cocktail
Unless you’re a Budweiser executive, these needlepoint belts should be left at home. While we love these designs, wearing alcohol related belts to the office may give off the wrong impression. These gems are better suited for the Christmas party or a golf retreat than they are for the typical day at the office.

4) Glory Days: The Collegiate Section
We all remember when. For some of us, it was just last year, for others the memories are hazy, and for many there are no memories…ahh, the glory days of college. With March Madness around the corner, we are reminded that you can never go wrong by showing off school pride, whether or not your team is going to make a run for the finals of the Big Dance.

Note: Unless you are ready for the unemployment line, under no circumstances should you wear the needlepoint collegiate belt of your boss’s rival school.

Friends of Smathers and Branson, we want your input! We wear whatever belt we want in our office, so let us know what you think is acceptable at your own job!


  1. I am in the office today wearing my S&B Bowtie belt. I wear a bowtie to the office everyday, but since I was working half a day, I only wore slacks and a button down, and my BOWTIE BELT!!

    I have also worn my S&B college belt to the office frequently (Fridays before gameday).

    As far as profession and region, I am a lawyer in the South...'nuff said.

  2. I like to wear my Sea Island belt on Summer Fridays.

  3. Great post! Enjoyed reading it.

    Oh, and I will happily wiggle my way between those handsome fellas to order a drink and strike up a conversation.