Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catching the Grand Slam at Boca Grande

At Smathers and Branson we owe much of our success to our partnerships with over 600 high-end shops across the country. From the beginning, these stores have given us precious distribution and aided our grass roots marketing campaign. Part of the purpose of our new blog is to give thanks to the customers and store owners who helped Smathers and Branson along the way. There are countless stores to thank, but today we will begin with Boca Grande Outfitters in Boca Grande, Florida. As school vacation/spring break arrives, many of us are taking our “March down to Florida,” so we figured Boca Grande is a great place to start.

Since 1997, Boca Grande Outfitters has been the primary outfitter for local saltwater fly fishermen and guests hoping to make the big catch. Like the Darien Sport shop, Boca Grande Outfitters is a hybrid between men’s clothing and outdoor gear. This nexus of fashion, function, and the outdoors makes for a great partnership with Smathers and Branson needlepoint products. With a focus on our fishing patterns, the great team at Boca Grande has developed a successful custom program. They have worked with us to create their own custom needlepoint belts, needlepoint flasks, and needlepoint key fobs. These custom products can only be found at Boca Grande Outfitters and are a great way to commemorate catching the Grand Slam!

Boca Grande, which looks more like a screensaver than anything else, is also home to the famous Gasparilla Inn. Frequented by the Bush daughters, this club is famous for its service and has also embraced Smathers and Branson’s custom program. Just a short walk from the Inn is the inspiration for one of Smathers and Branson’s best selling needlepoint belts. The Pink Elephant, a restaurant famous for its ice cream based, smile inducing drink called “The Hummer,” was the eatery of choice as Peter and Austin launched their first line in 2005. After a few too many Hummers, Peter and Austin decided that the Elephant Martini belt would quickly become a needlepoint staple.

The month of March is an ideal time to sneak away to Florida (“I’ll leave for a week and when I come back it will be spring right?”) So if you find yourself in Boca Grande anytime soon, be sure to stop in and say hi to our friends at Boca Grande Outfitters located at 375 Park Avenue.

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